The voice of Ace in the City, cultivating conversations around critical topics in our world, doing so with a spirit of curiosity and humility.


We live in a world increasingly marked by division, hostility, echo chambers and us-versus-them shouting matches.

Yet we all long for a world marked by peace, wholeness, beauty and justice.

A world marked by belonging.

All City Presents is the voice of Ace in the City, and was birthed out of the desire to cultivate important conversations around critical topics in our world, doing so with a spirit of curiosity and humility. We believe the way forward is to listen, to learn and to engage in actual face-to-face dialogue with each other.

We hope that you will see that spirit displayed in each All City Presents podcast episode and at every All City Presents event, and you will feel invited to help move these crucial conversations forward.

Your story matters, your voice is important, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey!


Every All City Presents event will center on a particular topic or theme. Because we desire to foster engaging conversations at these events, we’ll host a series of 3-4 podcast conversations in advance to get your gears turning.

We invite you to give each episode a listen, actively reflect on the content of the conversations, and then bring your thoughts and questions with you to the event. We believe that curiosity, dialogue, listening and learning will move us together toward a more just, whole and beautiful world.

So listen in and then join the conversation with us!

Find episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, and wherever you might otherwise find podcasts. If we’re missing a platform, please let us know.

Latest Episode

Season 2 Episode 3
A Conversation with Osheta Moore

In this episode, Steph and Matt discuss shalom with Osheta Moore—a nationally-recognized speaker, author of the book Shalom Sistas, and everyday peacemaker. Visit her website to discover more of her work. We highly encourage you to subscribe to her new podcast series, Dear White Peacemakers.

Past Episodes

Season 2 Episode 2
A Conversation with Mike Martin

In this episode, Steph and Matt talk with Mike Martin—a Mennonite-pastor-turned blacksmith, founder of RAWtools, and co-author of Beating Guns. As Mike shares his story, you’ll hear what inspired his creative strategy for bringing hope of a better future in a culture weary from gun violence.*

Season 2 Episode 1
A Conversation on Shalom

As we kick off the second season of All City Presents, Matt and Steph share some thoughts on this season’s theme of shalom.

A Conversation on Conversations with Stephanie Spencer

Stephanie Spencer is a teacher, artist, Enneagram coach and Executive Director of 40 Orchards (

All City Presents
Cultivating Belonging in a World of Wall-Building

On Dec 7th, 2018 we hosted our very first All City Presents event. Give a listen to the audio from the event below (recorded live at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church).

Season 1 Episode 3
A Conversation with Tim Anderson on Belonging

Tim is the Executive Director of Ace in the City and Author of “In Process: A Zigzag Guide Towards Purpose and Discovery”

Season 1 Episode 2
A Conversation with Tabitha Montgomery on Belonging

Tabitha is the Executive Director of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

Season 1 Episode 1
A Conversation with Shane Claiborne on Belonging

Shane is an author, speaker, activist and founder of